Q: Can I order color samples?

A: Sorry, but we do not send color samples.

Q: A I and II color groups of the same blinds have different prices. Why?

A: The blinds from I group price and II group prices are characterized by the same quality and they differ only in color.

Q: Can I pay with a credit card?

A: Of course - you can pay by VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express or Discover payment card.

IMPORTANT: to pay with credit card, just choose credit card payment method on the PayPal site and proceed according to onscreen instructions. The process is 100% secure and straightforward. Please note: you don't need PayPal account to pay by credit card for your items!

Q: How can I find  size and name plate data of my Roto window?

A: You can find type and size of your roof window here.

Q: What is the shipping cost to my country?

A: Shipping cost to all countries of the European Union is the same. We charge 19 Euros including VAT per order. We only utilize known carriers for shipping our blinds. For RoluxShop.com, UPS, TNT or DPD delivers your order directly to your door. 

Q: What is your delivery time?

A: On the page of each product, above its price, there’s information about the expected time of delivery. Roto blinds will arrive after 9-10 working days. Working days include days from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. You will also be able to see the estimated time of delivery when you add products to your shopping basket.

Q. Do you provide customer support?

A. Yes, we are happy to help. If you can't find an answer, simply email us at roto@roluxshop.com.

Q: Can I contact you by phone?

A: There is no such possibility, you can contact the Customers Service via email only, using this address above or our contact form.

Q: I got the Roto blinds I ordered from you, but it turns out that I don’t like their colour. Can I return or exchange them?

A: No. In RoluxShop.com store, all Roto blinds are manufactured for your individual order by Roto Frank. They are non-returnable products!

Q: I ordered the item, the delivery time declared on your site has passed and I still have not receive it. What shall I do?

A: Please contact us using our contact form. We will check with the courier what could be the matter and current status of the package. Please remember, that the delivery time could be little bit longer than declared on our site, unfortunately we do not have any influence on that. We always send the order as soon as possible.

Q: I think I’m not getting any emails from your store.

A: Please check your SPAM software and folders. Sometimes our emails are inappropriately classified as SPAM messages. We are always replying to you as soon as possible.

Q: Can you order parts for Roto blinds?

A: We are sorry but we are selling blinds only. We do not service or sell spare parts for blinds.

Please also note, that we work 10 am - 6 pm Warsaw time (GMT +1) each working day. The Customer Service is not working besides these hours and in holidays. All the emails received then will be answered in the first working day after.

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