Blinds for old Roto windows

The Roto roof windows with first digits from Roto name plates: 31- or 32- or 33- or 34- or 52- or 53- are an old series of Roto roof windows. These windows stopped being produced about 20 years ago.

Genuine Roto blinds for these windows are slowly being phased out by Roto Frank Company. For this reason, the original Roto blinds for old Roto windows are available in a limited selection / range. These products are also more expensive than other to roller shutters available in our online store.

To buy a genuine blinds for old Roto windows, you should get know the size and Roto nam plate of your Roto roof window. So, you just need to find Roto window code.

How to find old Roto window size/code.

The serial number code of old Roto window is usually on a metal plate located on the sash (the part of the window that moves). See the pictures below:

Roto window code

330 Roto window code

339 Roto window code

If you are unsure the data, please send us a picture of Roto window plate on email:

If you purchase these products, further correspondence will be in English.

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