Standard roller blind Roto ZRS/ZRB - I colour group

Standard roller blind Roto ZRS/ZRB - I colour group - Gallery 3

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Standard roller blind Roto ZRS/ZRB (with hooks) is a simple solution that protects against glaring sunlight and protects your privacy against unwanted looks from the outside. Wide selection of materials, patterns and colours allows for choosing the appropriate fabric, which will enrich the interior with additional decoration.

This roller blind can be stopped in 3 positions with the use of hooks mounted to the window. In combination with the external awning blind Roto Screen ZAR, it very effectively limits heating of the room even during the greatest heat. Colour price group I is available in 6 colours.

Advantages of using standard roller blinds Roto ZRS/ZRB:

  • light permeable materials that protect against glaring sunlight, as well as ensure bright and enjoyable atmosphere in the attic
  • ideal fitting of the original blind to the Roto roof window
  • possibility of stopping in 3 positions thanks to the fixed hooks
  • wide selection of materials and colours
  • impregnated, fade-resistant and easily washable material
  • protection of privacy
  • interior decoration
  • convenient handling
  • 2-year warranty

Important: standard roller blinds Roto ZRS/ZRB do not have blackout properties. If you are interested in the total blackout, here you will find genuine blackout blinds Roto.

Genuine roller blinds Roto ZRS/ZRB fit to models of the Roto roof windows (WDF 430, 435, 438, 439T, 735, 738, 739T, KFBD 45, R45, R68, R69, R75, R78, R79, R79T, R86, R88, R89, Q-4), except for the Ecoline/Colt series (first digits from Roto window code: 320- or 33- or 52- or 53-). If you are unsure the size or series of your Roto window, please send us a picture of Roto loft window code on email:

Enter the ENTIRE code in the field "Roto window code". Please note: all genuine Roto blinds are made to your individual order by Roto Frank - they are non-returnable products.

There may be slight differences between patterns and colours in the photos and real materials.

Standard roller Roto ZRS/ZRB installation:

Our online store delivers original Roto loft blinds (also for RotoQ Q-4 windows) at attractive prices throughout European Union countries.

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